“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” — Viktor Frankl

At Vitalenty, we provide top-quality learning programs at affordable rates with easy-to-use features for learners, coaches, and companies alike. Our LMS is specifically designed to help individuals enhance their skills, with the option of signing up with a coach to support their ongoing professional development. Additionally, our system is ideal for companies who wish to manage and host their courses, while also having access to our extensive Vitalenty course library.

Learner Management Solutions

Your business can benefit from our wide selection of over 160 courses, catering to various interests. Additionally, you have the flexibility to host your own courses and programs.


Providing custom assessments to match the right employees to the right jobs. Our reports contain 12 pages of detailed results, analyzing a wide range of attributes and competencies specific to each client's job requirements. They are designed to be easily understood by all.

Strategic Talent Conversations

Having a succession plan is crucial for any organization. With TalenTalk, our application enables you to conduct strategic talent discussions online and receive a coaching report outlining the outcomes of these conversations.

Performance 360

Our application is designed to cultivate a culture that is both high-performing and engaging. We evaluate performance from four distinct viewpoints: self, manager, peers, and others. Additionally, we provide a performance feedback feature that can be accessed through a link in your email signature.

Leadership 360

Our goal is to enhance leadership skills by improving self-awareness. Through a collaborative process called multi-rater feedback, we facilitate open and honest communication between leaders and their colleagues. This process identifies an individual's strengths and weaknesses based on 18 leadership competencies.


Easily create professional forms and surveys without any coding using our online form builder. Save time by using our pre-made survey templates or create your own custom forms in just minutes. Get the responses you need quickly and efficiently.

Job Architecture

Our platform simplifies the process of writing job descriptions. You can search for a specific job and choose relevant tasks, occupational requirements, and skills from our pre-populated data to create your job description quickly. Our application seamlessly integrates with Performance 360, automatically turning the tasks you selected into performance goals and outputs.

Events Planner

Our conference creator application makes event planning a breeze. You can easily include pre-work such as courses or surveys by selecting the option when creating your event.