Unauthorised Absence & Fraudulent Medical Certificates

Dear Client’s,

We understand that all Employers will be faced with a scenario whereby an Employee stays away from work without the necessary permission. This can have detrimental financial implications besides the obvious nightmare of finding a replacement on short notice.

We have set out the legislation as well as your rights as an Employer when dealing with such instances. We also recognise that Employers are faced with situations whereby Employees return to work and provide a fraudulent medical certificate. On face value and at first glance the medical certificate might look legitimate and valid. However, not all medical certificates are valid in terms of the legislative requirements and what is considered a valid medical certificate for purposes of Labour Law.

Please contact one of our business partners if you suspect that you have been presented with a medical certificate that you suspect is fraudulent. Our Business Partners are also experienced in chairing disciplinary hearings whereby unauthorised absenteeism and / or a fraudulent medical certificate is presented.

We look forward to assisting you in these matters.

Kind regards