To all Altitude Employment Solutions clients

We wish you and the staff a Merry Christmas and a peaceful and happy New Year. We understand that this has been a difficult year for trading and for doing business. The developments in 2013 will be interesting, and hopefully not too cumbersome.

We expect the amendments to the Labour Relations Act and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act to go through in March 2013. Furthermore, we expect certain sectors to go on strike in about June 2013. These sectors will possibly be the metal industry, building industry and government workers once again. The farming issues will not be easily cleared up, and the mining sector will be retrenching at a fast pace.

However, it’s not all bad news! With Manguang behind us, hopefully our government will get down to governing, and we are starting to see the world economic recovery.

The Altitude Employment Solutions team has expanded and has received a lot more training and input. We are well geared to cover any labour dispute, and certainly can advise on all staffing issues. We can get involved in all the day-to-day matters, and the avoidance of disputes in the forthcoming year. Please contact us in order to discuss what else can be done to enhance the Human Resources Management of your company.

Yours faithfully,