COSATU have now officially applied to Nedlac to proceed with protest action. This would be a socioeconomic strike against labour broking.

It is rather strange that COSATU would still choose to go on a strike on 7th March 2012 after over a year of the social partners meeting at Nedlac on the question of labour brokers. COSATU have called upon all workers to support their socioeconomic protest action by engaging in various forms of protest. This is going to be extremely counterproductive to business. We are going to see work stoppages, rallies, marches, demonstrations, pickets and consumer boycotts of businesses that use labour brokers.

They are going to call on provident funds to withdraw funds invested in businesses that use labour brokers. They are also going to have a solidarity campaign, approaching all the media, etc.

For some reason or other, they seem to have combined this campaign with their campaign against open road tolling. There is no explanation as to why labour broking and tolling have been conjoined.