We South Africans are very strange. We are desperately trying to encourage people to open up new businesses and to employ people. We all know that the only way in which we are going to create five million new jobs is to open up a million new small businesses. We should be creating the environment to ensure that entrepreneurs are encouraged to go into business for their own account to invest their monies in these businesses and employ people. We are hell bent on doing exactly the opposite. Firstly we have a set of very harsh labour laws but this is not enough we suggest changes to these labour laws to make it more complex and more difficult to hire and fire, secondly, we have just produced a new Licensing of Business Bill and adding a whole lot of impediments through registration. What is even more weird is that we are going to be imposing heavy fines for non-compliance and we are going to create a strange sort of inspectorate which would include traffic officers. I’m starting to believe this is a chapter out of Alice in Wonderland.