You will recall that during the strike season of July 2010 we sent out a newsletter advising our clients that because
of the substantially higher settlements that were given out by government during the wage negotiationsthis would cause expectations and problems during 2011.

Government was forced to pay the triple inflation increases because of the soccer during 2010.
Many businesses and government did not wish to see strikes over the soccer period and hence the reluctance to face further striking action.
This reluctance caused government to pay higher payouts which in turn sowed the seeds for the high demands during 2011.
We are imminently going to embark upon a public service strike which is far from settled.

Coupled with the governments suggested amendments to the Labour Relations Act including the possible banning of labour brokers has created a season of discontent and a very, very cold winter strike season.The good news in this regard is that the Labour Relations Amendment Bills were sent to NEDLAC for further negotiations and discussions.
NEDLAC has effectively destroyed the governments’ call for the banning of labour broking and also has put firmly on the table the idea of keeping the legislation in tact but with some refinements and some extra precautionary protection for employees on fixed term contracts or those who are part time.Furthermore, temporary employees will be more carefully regulated and there will be new codes of conduct.

Many of the amendments which are now being suggested are much watered down and in fact sometimes might be deemed to be necessary even from the point of view of business.
These amendments will be helpful to the business community in the sense that proper clarity will now be outlined with regard to the functioning of A- typical employment.

As currently advised these amendments have not been finalized and they are not ready to be presented to parliament.

We still expect a long period of time before they are debated in the hallowed halls of our parliament. All the parties negotiating at NEDLAC on behalf of business have been at pains to point out that we need this clarity and we certainly do not wish to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. A-typical employment accounts for over a million employees.

We are giving feed back at two seminars, one in conjunction with Altitude Employment Solutions on the 3rd August 2011 from 9 to 11am at the Chamber of Commerce on the Foreshore.
If you wish to come to this Seminar there will be no charge raised for our Clients.Please e-mail us to book a seat as it looks like we are going to have a full house.
A further Seminar dealing with the amendments and a-typical employment and ways and means of preparing yourself for the future of employment in South Africa we will be having a Seminar in association with the auditing firm Horwath Zeller Karro (Member Crowe Horwath International) on Thursday 11th August 2011 at 5h15pm at Crowe Horwaths’ offices in the centre of town, 7th floor, 5 St Georges, St Georges Mall, Cape Town.Once again there is no charge for our Clients and we will be specifically looking at employment techniques for the forthcoming year.

Both these Seminars are vital in trying to ensure that we do not make any mistakes in the future.If you have any queries please contact us.

Michael Bagraim