The value of electronic communication is undisputed. However, this electronic communication is accessible to many people including those who might not be your friends. I have had many an occasion when I’ve had to either represent an employer or chair a disciplinary hearing when defamatory commentary had been placed on face book by the employee concerned. This more often than not has led to dismissal and in turn created incredibly negative employment history.

Everyone should be alerted to the fact that once information is posted on the internet that information never disappears and follows you for life. You might say something now and regret it in ten years time. The obvious message is that one must post with caution.

Traffic offences caused by staff

In an interesting rather scary development it looks like next year will be the implementation of new legislation with regard to traffic offences. Traffic offences could lead to suspension of licenses and in dire circumstances to cancellation of ones license.

This legislation appears to indicate that the employer and or owner of the vehicle will become liable even if he or she is not the driver. Any enforcement order made by the courts must be adhered to. If not adhered to the owner or the employer would expose him or herself to a warrant of execution against the motor vehicle or other property.

Employees need to be aware that they could have their drivers licenses suspended or even cancelled. If this happens an employee becomes redundant in that particular post. This redundancy could lead to the termination of the employment. Employers are warned that all employees who drive motor vehicles for the employer must be made fully aware of the legislation and the possible consequences of receiving demerit points. The human resource function of the employer beholds the employer to train the employee to fully understand the nature and exigency of the new traffic offenses act.