The Constitutional Court has handed down a unanimous judgment stating that the public protectors ruling and corrective action must be followed in every single aspect. Furthermore, the Court said that our President was acting inconsistently with our constitution; over and above this, the National Assembly was likewise inconsistent with the constitution.

The very good news from all of this is that we still have a very strong independent judiciary. This independence runs right through the system from the Constitutional Court down to the Magistrates Courts. It is very pleasing to report that our Labour Courts are a strong indication of complete and utter independence. The Labour Court system is allocating judges and courts quicker than any of our other courts and is producing results, which are pleasing and consistent with our law.

The Bargaining Councils and The Commissions for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration are also proving their worth in that cases reported to them are heard within 30 days and there is a smooth running of the system.

Despite many of the failings in other government departments our judiciary and parts of our labour law system is working really well.