As the Labour Portfolio Committee of Parliament is in the midst of debating a minimum wage for South Africa, we heard evidence from experts that the minimum wage within the farming community has tended to support the large farming conglomerates and the smaller farmers have suffered in the sense that they have either stopped production or gone bankrupt.

Although this outcome is to be expected and is certainly not strange, what I do find strange is that the ruling party is heavily pushing for the introduction of a hefty minimum wage despite the fact that this would for all intense and purposes destroy small business.  Obviously if it was scientifically shown that the wage was set at a level where it would not destroy jobs this could be understood, however it looks like the expectation is for a wage that would be beyond the pocket of most small businesses.

These strange factors show us that the truth of the matter is the tri apartheid alliance is pushing to enhance the lifestyle of the trade union members at the expense of the unemployed and the business community.  This in turn will completely destroy our economy.