I have been involved in advising businesses in the labour relations arena for almost thirty five years.  Every single business that I consult with are not only keen but actively involved in trying to address employment equity.  The real issue is that businesses need to find employees at the right price and who are skilled to perform the task. Not one single business is specifically trying to avoid employment equity or trying to ensure that white males remain in their jobs and in fact are appointed to higher posts.  I deal with over five hundred businesses and all of them would like to fulfil the employment equity report and are actively on the lookout.  I often hear stories of business owners who state that they have trained previously disadvantaged individuals for specific posts who then get snapped up by either the state or big business. Small business has an enormous struggle to try and meet the targets.

I believe that it is unfair and unreasonable to somehow make any allegations that the business community is trying to avoid complying.